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Fast and Stress-Free Office Removal Service 


House Removals in London, National and European Moving Relocation Services

Alpha Pro Removals is committed to providing high-quality and reliable removals services. Our personalised approach ensures each client receives the right removals solution for their needs in an efficient, affordable way.

We value you, our clients, and that commitment to meet your needs and expectations is why we are your first-choice removals service in London. Our comprehensive solutions included trained movers and purpose-built vehicles to provide peace of mind and exceptional, stress-free service.

We train all our staff to the highest standards and provide the technical knowledge to ensure our Alpha Pros can deal with the most complex of moving services. In addition to competitive pricing, we also offer office moving, packing and storage services nationwide.

European Removals and Overseas Relocation


We have already successfully completed many removals to and from Europe with ease, across all areas of the continent, for both homes and businesses.

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Packing & Storage Services in London


Our storage and packing services include business and residential along with the storage for long and short term as well, until you need them.

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Office Removals and Business Relocation in London


Our move management team will co-ordinate your commercial relocation from start to finish, with as little disruption to your working day as possible.

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Enquiry House Removals London


Book Alpha Pro removals services online. Let us know as much information as possible about your move. Where from and to you are moving and the details of the items you would like to move to ensure an accurate price quotation.

Quotation House Removals London


Within 24 hours you will receive very flexible removal price package. All packages include goods in transit insurance for your move and you can increase the limit of the cover if required.

Acceptance Home Moving London


Once the details of the move are confirmed and the moving package is selected, we would require the formal acceptance and security deposit paid to make a reservation for your move.

Acceptance Home Moving London


On the date agreed dedicated Alpha Pro crew arrives to take care of your house move. Now your possessions in a safe and capable hands!

International Removal Company, Overseas Relocation & House Moving Services

Domestic Removals

Domestic Removals

We offer a comprehensive home removals service that is tailored to your specific needs. Our flexible approach ensures that you have every assistance needed, whether you wish to pack for yourself or prefer our professional moving team to do it for you, we offer the same care and attention to detail. The moving process is always in your control.

With dedicated vehicles and highly-trained moving professionals, we provide peace of mind on your moving day. Let us take the strain and ensure your possessions are transported with care and diligence at every stage. For larger moves, our team will survey your home prior to the move and develop a plan with you to ensure your moving day is a seamless transition.

Our team deliver exceptional service, dismantling items where required to ensure damage-free transport. We offer a reliable service that delivers at every stage. We arrive on time, load your belongings and transport them safely and securely. Our moving teams are fully trained and bring vast experience to provide the finest service for you and your possessions.

Our complete moving service ends with our team unloading your possessions and placing each box in the appropriate room for its contents for you. That leaves you free to sit back and relax at the end of your big day.

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European Relocation

European Relocation

Whether you are moving from the UK to the EU or vice-versa, relocation provides a series of challenges that are far more complex than a simple move. Not only do you have to deal with the basic problems of packing up your possessions and delivering them safely to your new home, but also add in a longer journey across the sea, different legal environments at each end and so on.

With that in mind, and knowing that paperwork and other aspects are going to take up more of your time, why not let us take care of the moving for you?

Our team of relocation professionals offer the complete service, from packing your possessions to safe, secure and insured transport to your new home. With vast experience of cross-border removals, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your possessions are being taken care of every step of the journey, and that they will be delivered to your new location ready for the start of your new life.

Our team are skilled removals experts, and will dismantle items if necessary, to ensure safe transport, while our optional packing service provides the complete start-to-finish removal solution that takes all the stress from your moving day. Our professional teams and dedicated removal vehicles provide peace of mind at every stage of the journey, and once arrived at your new location, unload boxes into the designated rooms for your convenience.

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Man & Van

Man & Van

Moving to a new house or business is not the only time you may need help with transporting items, and we recognise that. Our Man & Van service offers a step up from van hire by including our fully trained removal specialist and dedicated removal transport in one simple, cost effective package.

Our flexible approach means that you can choose a vehicle with the right capacity for your needs, no need to pay for space you don’t plan on using. But in addition to a van, our experienced removals expert will also assist with the moving process itself. All our drivers are fully trained and highly experienced, and we are able to approach any challenge and find the safest and simplest way forward.

We can provide a range of packing materials and boxes to facilitate safe moving of any item, providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have professional help at every stage. This service offers an extremely affordable solution to your transport needs around London and beyond. When you need to move items, don’t struggle alone, our Man & Van service ensures that you have the skills, knowledge and help with you when you need it most.

Whatever your moving challenge, with or Man & Van solution, we can help it proceed smoothly, safely and reliably every time.

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Packing and Storage

Packing and Storage

Aside from the physical removal of your possessions, there are other aspects to any move. The one we all have to deal with is packing. If you have moved before, you may think of packing as a personal hell, others may enjoy it, however, to keep your possessions completely safe it takes more than supermarket boxes and some old newspaper.

Our professional packing service not only uses quality packing materials and techniques, but also provides full insurance cover for your items throughout the move, not only saving time, but reducing any risks too. Our professional packing team using purpose designed boxes and high-quality materials, these not only protect your possessions better, but are also designed to make moving easier. For instance, wardrobe boxes that allow clothing to be carried on hangars offer a superior way to transport garments.

If you prefer to pack yourself, we can provide a range of packing materials at great prices. These are dedicated moving and packing materials, designed to keep items safe and the same products we use for our own packing service. Don’t rely on old boxes or pillowcases, your possessions are important, our boxes and packing materials will ensure they are intact at the end of the journey.

Not every move is simply taking every possession from one location to another. Sometimes you may require items to be stored for you, and we have the solution here too. The same professional packing and moving service, coupled with quality, safe and secure storage for all your possessions.

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Commercial Relocation

Commercial Relocation

Moving your business is never easy, not only do you have the logistical nightmare of ensuring the physical move goes to schedule, but all the other issues too. Ensuring that clients and customers know where to find you, maintaining output as much as possible, keeping every supplier informed and adjusting all the legal aspects of the business. With so much going on, having someone handle to move, from packing everything to delivering at the new location makes sense in two ways.

Firstly, having everything delivered safely is important, that means professional removal service is a must. In addition, our optional packing service is a more cost effective and safe solution than having inexperienced members of your own business attempt to pack things. Not only are the professional team experts and protecting your goods, they also carry out the job much faster.

Time matters, the longer the move takes, the longer your business is not producing. Our commercial relocation service includes a full site survey before the move, where we ascertain the best approach for your situation. Our team will then arrive with the appropriate vehicle capacity, pack your possessions if required, and deliver everything safely to your new location. By streamlining the entire process, we help your business get up and running again as quickly as possible.

From packing materials to schedule advice, we worth with you every step of the way to ensure your business relocation is a success.

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Extra Service

Extra Service

In addition to our tailored removal services, Man & Van solutions we also offer numerous other professional services for our clients. Our expert removal managers offer a complete guidance and appraisal service for your move, whether a business or home owner.

We work with you to develop a removal schedule that takes into account any specialized packing needs, specific scheduling and other factors. In this way, your moving day is organized, efficient and stress free, planned in advance to be as stress free as a move can be. In addition to our home moving services within London, our team are experienced in long-distance transport, and can help you with home or business removals and relocation across the entire UK and Europe.

This includes Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, San Marino, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Portugal and Switzerland. With long-distance removals, you enjoy the same attention to detail, care and peace of mind that comes with Alpha Removals.

We value your home and possessions as if they were our own, working to ensure that your property arrives at its new location on time and without damage. For a quick and detailed quotation fill the request form below or give us a call. Our moving consultants are available to visit you at your property to conduct a full survey and discuss your specific requirement needs for your move across Europe.

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